Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter 2015 Edition

//Welcome to Winter 2015 Edition//

With this winter edition each patchwork pouch added on a sweet zipper charm. 
It really gives each patchwork piece a more unique and sweet look. 
Come join me with the reviews 

This is such a roomy pouch that gives so much space inside. The darts sewing at the bottom of the pouch provide the pouch extra width and great for items such as sewing tools, pens, even a pair of medium size scissors.  To make it zakka style look I have simply added 100% linen at the bottom to give extra gentle look! 

**Also always, I have loved and enjoyed play the front the back of each pouch. This pouch is such a cheerful one! Some of the prints are hard to find and no more in my own stash! It is always pleasure to let each print shines on its own! 

**Not to mention the little zipper charm pull! They are quiet one of a kind to be honest! I love this tea pot and it is quiet solid to hold on! The zipper charm is made out from the brass material and imported. 

Do you know sometimes, sewing can be also telling a bit of stories? I think you probably have find that a lot around here! As I found these cute mousey prints, that county and city mouse story pop in my head right away!  I think if I were the author, I'd rewrite that story! With a twist... um something more like they go shopping in the fabric store then the fabric owner has a lovely kitty... 

** I couldn't help to add this kitty zipper charm to the pouch! I though it was a perfect one to go with! This pouch is made up mostly linen and linen/cotton blended prints! Very zakka style look and less contrast in colors. It is almost organic look and simplify the pouch outlook! 

Pink, red, white, cream, floral. It always remind of some sweet people. Indeed, these colors are pastel in person! Adding a bit of linen gives some extra hand texture to it! I though of adding the little cherry charm to the zipper, but it seems like the magic key to the pouch is more ideal!

A pouch that to take during the trip? I do that for us! Each of us gets a pouch that holds the passport, pens, little things, likely little cash for S in case we lost each other!

** During our summer trip, I have found these sweet retro look daisy prints. They are the kind of fabric that love in first sight.  Although it is winter at this moment, but so much about this pouch that comes with lots good summer days, so adding this cute charm house is quiet perfect!

A bit patchwork and a bit zakka style linen! I am giving this pouch a newish outlook! It definitely is a less contrast and lesson vibrate in colors. Quiet a simple approach; sweet and elegant! 

 ** Lining prints are so important as the outer pouch! As a maker, I always spend time to go through my stash and find the right print for it! It is nice to have the pouch corresponded inside out all together!

A pair of good scissors is important to all the sewers, patchworks, quilter, crafters! Not sure how about you, but the good scissors around here gets hand written  **// for fabric only//. I really love how this tiny brass scissors gets to be add up with pouch. This pouch has included some vibrate, fresh, and some retro prints! 

This pouch has added a bit of solid prints to gives a bit unique patchwork look. I enjoy the contrast sewing between prints and solid. This pouch also uses more geometrical shapes prints than the other. it might be a coincident as the patchwork making.  Little Sue charm pull is perfect! I love all the Sue and Billy stories! Have you read one? 

A fruity patchwork piece pouch for a little cherry charm pull.  There's quiet a bit of fruity prints use in this pouch. Corresponded with gingham prints on the other side of the pouch and some light floral prints on this side. 

Last, but not least! Miss Jonna pouch used lots contrast prints; big scale/small scale, dark/light, cool/warm prints. When the patchwork pieces put together, it reminded me the music piece called Jonna, the cat! It is the very first two pages piano piece S played when she was littler.  This pouch is playful in the colors and was patched with some really small pieces like 0.75"x0.5". 

///Thank you so much/// for join me with the {winter 2015 edition} review! This is the hardest part of the step; self-promotion!  All the pouches are ready and listed in the {shop} this morning. You can find link below each photo.

** The patchwork pouch will be carefully wrapped in a non-toxic glassine paper bag that I sewn up to fit each pouch! If you like it to send as a gift, you can simple let me know in the buyer to seller comment box and let me know where you like to send me.  

** To make one of your own {patchwork jojo pouch}? The pattern comes with three sizes {L.M.S} 
The pattern shows step by step how to make the pouch with clear photos from patchwork ideas
sewing darts, place zippers, assemble the pouch. 

// Thank you// once again for reading this long post! 



Monday, November 23, 2015

Beginning of this winter

Indeed this was my first  cup of coffee in three days and it happened at 3p.m. this Monday afternoon. What am I thinking? I am so craving this bitter and warm drink. It keeps me quite awake sometimes. Last week, my left hand was pretty soapy and I happened grabbed the French Press glass with it; OOPS! That was the only word I said! then this were what S said, What did you do? why you did that? I was quiet sorry that I broke the glass because I think I said the similar sentences to S in the past! What did you do? why you did that? Yeah, these repeats in the family, I think?!

The first snow arrived last Friday late afternoon! Everyone is so ready for this, including me! It felt something was missing looking out from the studio window as all the autumn leaves are mostly gone by now. My across street new neighbor hung up a big smiley snowman in front of the door. I think I might need to find something sweet to do this year, or maybe I will pass again.

This mid-morning, I headed my way out to the lake alone without my little chatter box. She was probably in her PE class at that time. I took my trustworthy camera, a tripod, and the semi-mystery quilt with me and went in this still quiet chilly morning. However, the weather outlook is so beautiful to make it a photo day as I put on my coat, hat, scarf, and mittens.

After arrived the lake, I walked a good distance to find the right spot for the quilt. One thing that I didn't prepare well was didn't put on my snow boots. Oh, the feet were quite wet and cold as I walked in the grass that covered with the snow.  brrrr....

The quilt got so  wet and dirty now! After came home I put it in the washer and ready for the second wash. This is actually one of my favorite part to do with the quilts; wash them, dry them, and use them; repeats! I have been thinking about this quilt and thinking what would be a best way to write up the post. It is a quiet heartfelt story to begin with and sometimes, I wondered!

This past weekend, our friends moved away. They left a house plant for us to take care! It seems very familiar for what I have been done in the past when we moved away. I sent all our house plants to friends who we believed love all the greens and are great green thumbs! Now, I hope they live through this winter! Once a week watering, that's what Sue said!

Then coming home with the heavy plant and lots in mind, sad actually! I stay up in the studio for a few hours; putting some thoughts down and some little notes to self. My hands were busy again, but quiet slow this time! My right hand wrist has been hurting me quiet awhile now. I am still stubborn not making appointment to the doctor and hope it will recover soon. Maybe another week or two?? I am still going strong about going with cold/hot pad during the day. It is so hard to avoid using my right hand then this made me wish I am a ambidextrous person (smile)! I plan on take it easy from all lifting and possible limit cooking for next few days! I hope it recovers like magic sometimes, I do!

I'll have more needle-books and pin-cushions for you in next couple of weeks! This will be the last batch I am making and listing them in the {shop}! There are around 30 sets or less. I intend to keep one for myself as I need one more book to keep all the new needles that I inquired lately.  I love making these little books, hand-quilting them throughout the piece, carefully putting hardwares on them and seeing them going to someone loves and supports my works {Thank you}. However, it seems it is time for me to move on! Soon, I will be no longer selling my hand-quiltling items. It will be pop-up event in the future or by made to order only. If you see something that you love, crab them before they gone; no more repeats!

Tomorrow, all new scrappy zakka style zippered pouches will be listed in the shop. I will post a shop announcement post for that. I have four set of needle-book just finished last week, one set is made from Library London fabric and it is probably the most soft set to quilt through.

Almost dinner time for us! I'll be digging in this blog to find the original post for the quilt. Hope'll find it tonight!

Stay warm if you get some snow!
Stay cool if you get some heatwave!


Thursday, November 19, 2015


It was raining for a good 4 days here! It was wet and cool, not quiet cold! We had so much rice, soup and more rice and soup. The sun finally arrived this morning, but baby it is cold outside! The north wind isn't my favorite wind this time of the year. It seems just unkind to blow on faces! I forgot to send a pair of mittens and a hat with S on her way out to bus stop this morning. I think she will carry a pair of pinkish cheek home this afternoon, oh well! She probably will tell me, I am fine!

It has been that time of the year that I am trying to catch up lots little things, such as making carmel corns, party mix, more cinnamon rolls, bread and more treats. Sending out little care packages to my friends and catch up birthday gifts making.  My next to make list cake is Pound Cake! I just got the recipe in the inbox yesterday from a dear dear friend who I called her V-mom! She was my first English teacher when I arrived in the states. V-mom and I have keep in touch ever since then, almost 20 years? When I was a student, she always made a pound cake for student's birthday! It is my favorite cake and S'. Last couple years, she has been shipping half of the cake for my birthday and half to her boy who is in college.  That half cake never least more than one day! Yeah, it is that good! I am anxious to make one soon! Oh, maybe this time we could have it for two days instead {laugh}!

After sorting through the studio the next project I took was sorting through the scrap fabrics. They have been mostly sorted through. For the pieces that's less than 2" wide, I cut them into 1.5"x1/.5" squares then for pieces that's slight larger than 3 or about. I cut them into 2.5"x2.5" squares. The {scrappy stamp quilt} project has been going for a couple of years now. Now, the container should have enough squares for two Full size quilts.  Then for the 2.5"x2.5", I have been thinking make them into a throw size quilt, but still need quiet a bit more scraps to add on. It feels great to get this long await project accomplished! Another step forward, perhaps!

Finally I made myself a new {patchwork jojo pouch}. It has been a very long time that I made myself something! I can't tell you how much I love this roomy pouch! This new pouch is for writing pens, //only//, which finally separated from the sewing pens and other little things that I tucked in there. Of course, I had to make one for Fifi aka my sista! I have show her the patchwork pieces a few nights ago before put the pouch together! I think she is liking it so far! She is probably the person who next to S gets most of whatever I made; can't have rejections because I always tell her, it is for you! She tells me what she would like for the next one and I try to incorporate her ideas in. One year, she asked for a 12" wide zippered pouch, but I made her a 14" wide; the idea I got from her was the bigger the better! Indeed 14" was even better than the 12" {giggled}!

I have been thinking about this {book} for myself! I am quiet ready to sew up a few garments for myself. Sadly, no more mom made clothes for S. I am guessing it is the age thing? She is just not so much into handmade clothes in last two years. I secretly hope that when this adolescence years go by it will change a bit!  Meanwhile, I will be using some of the yardage prints I have saved for S for myself now!

Slowly, I have finished some patchwork pouches and will soon be ready to list in the {shop}! They are the most popular size pouch, which comes 8"x6", mostly. I am excited to introduce them to you soon! I'll post a shop update news with you when I have them ready.

Meanwhile, I will be sewing and waiting an oversea care package from Fifi. She told me that she custom order a gift for me last week. Um, I tried to ask her, what is it? She said, "Just wait and see"!  I guessed maybe a stack of fabrics? She replied, " Don't you know that You have more than enough"! Oh, so, I am guessing it won't be something that I am thinking.

so what is it?


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fold or unfold?

You probably have knew that I have been slowing making progress arranging the fabrics via IG. Today, I though I'd share this fold or unfold idea with you. 

A couple of years ago, I did a very smilier {fabric storing system} alike fabric bolts in the fabric shop, but it didn't least very long time. It was so nice to have all the fabric rolled up and stack nicely together. I used the scrap pieces of the non-toix mat boards, but it didn't work out as I had less fabrics to fold and unfold.   

Sometime back in October or earlier, I want a change! This change allowed me donated many items to the donation center, this change also allowed me be honest about myself and my stashes, and also the amount of "collectable" items that I went and hunt them down when I can over the years!  Maybe you were right, maybe it is a phase and a stage of life for a change.  

After doing some research and study, I decided to give the fabric bolts folding system another try and though it might give a change to the studio, which I was hoping cleaner and less clutter. I ordered two packages of {comic back backing boarder}. Each pack comes with 100 counts, so that was 200 pieces to start out.  Don't under estimate the stash, soon the 200 pieces ran out. 

For the first 200 pieces were mainly folded with the DS collections and some 2 yards fabrics. If I wrapped all the fabrics with the backing boards then I would probably need at least 800 plus pieces to do the job, so I ordered another 2 packs and the this order was the it, as I told myself. 

Before the second order arrived, I went through all the fabrics on the shelves. Any print that is grater than 18" got pull out set aside as the priority pile then any prints that's a bit shy than 18" got set on another pile {so they might get a change}. 

I keep all the DS collections together and sat them on the top two shelves and arranged them by each collection. I think someday, I will work into these collections and get them in color orders, but not quiet brave for doing so!  The center two shelves are for the print that's grater than 18" {some are included 18"}. In fact, I realized that how much the low value prints and blues I actually stock up and very limited in other colors.

The bottom two shelves are the pieces that is either 18" or  less than 18". I keep the dots, Ginghams, stripes on the same pile. It is just the way how I work around with them. On the right side store, I keep the fat quarters or less than fat quarter size together. 

All the early days cotton and linen blended finally have a place for them. Some are for garment making and backing fabrics.  The wooden box was builded when I was in school.

These two storage units are sat on top of the handmade wooden box. The left metal piece was for fat quarters {here} and the right storage {here} is for my {Etsy shop} related items; business cards, post cards, postage, memo, shop tags, etc.

The space is slowly looking less now{really?}! It used to pile up with lots fabrics, tools papers, boxes for different sewing supplies, etc. You might not be able to tell from here, but this change has slowly making progress, but not soon enough.  The {IKEA Kitchen Cart} was full with the craft supplies, but after narrow down lots of items into one cart and the second cart is free for fat quarters now and top of the compartment is for w.i.p. fabrics.

On the right side of the studio is some old book cases, where most of sewing books, sewing supplies, office stationary, handmade gifts from friends, some bits and bobs and some vintage sheets and of course down below more stashes.

Here are the thoughts for this comic back baking board folding system and some of the shelving system I used.

Studio Space Fact:
My studio is located in our second floor and it is a small loft space. It is about 4'x8', which is closed to a rectangle space and small. It seemed a perfect space for what I need when first moved in, but I have some wish list added on after serval months of spending times actually in it, such as wall space and storage units, better lighting, etc.

Storage Units:
The bookcase I used is from IKEA and it is the {Bill bookcase series}. It is a very nice sturdy book shelves. On top of the bookcase, I used two medium sized {L shaped metal bracket} to mount the bookcase in the wall. The L shaped bracket came with the bookcase pack did not hold on strong, for the purpose of storing fabric.  Also note that it is carpet floor, so it is not even. The bookcase allows to divided into 6 pretty equally in spacing for the the fabric bolts {precut size 6 3/4 X 10 1/2}. It is estimated to fit around 600 mini fabrics bolts. However, this is going to depend on how much of each fabric yardage you have. Maybe it will only fit 500 or 600 plus.

On the right side of the fat quarter storage is from IKEA and it is {GNEDBY Shelf Unit}. This is originally designed for the CDs and comes with 12 little compartments. Each spacing is adjustable to the desired space {length wise}.

Comic back backing board: 
After the arrangement and satisfy with the studio new look. I have some honesty and thoughts about   the folding system. Is it worth it? If you asked! For me, Yes! I needed a change and really want to go for something that's new and possible to give myself an idea for what I have in the stash. Now, I can view each print much better and could easy to pull out the fabrics that I am look for.

How I folded: 
It is simply easy; I take the fabric print then fold in widthwise, so a 42" wide fabric folded in half is 21" than half of that 10.5". I wrapped them with the comic board side and pin with a smallish sewing pin.

However, here are some facts that need to take into consideration.

Fact #1:
The {comic back backing boards} cost $11.49 per a pack (comes 100 pieces) and the discount for 2 packs is $18.48.  This surely added up the additional expenses. For four packs for the boards were $36.96.  This additional cost might not fit in all the budget that you are looking for. That is why, I stop here. {If you have extra allowance for it, I'd say go for it! It is such a nice system for someone who owns large fabric collections, but if you don't have the extra budget, I'd say, think about it before you go for it. It could be a big black hole that might never know where to reach the bottom.} 

Fact #2
The backing board folding style actually takes quiet a lot more spacing on the shelves than I though. I used to fit all the cotton and linen blended and other 2 plus yardages to the same bookcase, but now some of these prints are not fitted!  For limited wall space I have here, it is quiet difficult to fit another bookcase that is desired!

Fact #3
For some of prints are just at 18" or slightly grater than 18". Once I have cut them shorter than the 18" length, they will return to the same folding formula and be in the stack stash again.

I surely loving how organized and big change the studio turns out, but guess it is a never ending process, since, there's always a better than this way!

Hope this fabric thought help out some of you who have asked me over the Instagram and please let me know if you have more questions. I will try to help out!


edit: {Thank you} so much for your words and they all are so sweet! I felt I have over dose the sugars you send me lately. :)  A heart felt {Thank you} to you!